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Summer's over but it's still 106 degrees!

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What's going on:
August 10 - PET Scan

August 11 - Massage!

August 12 - Appointment; Josh @ FW

August 13 - Day with Josh and @ FW

August 14 - Happy Anniversary, Josh @ FW

August 15 - Back to work



Denton Komen 5K
Dallas Komen 5K

About Me

I am married to Eriq Neale, we have cats, dogs and a snapping turtle as our children. Our other "children" are baseball players (Josh, Matt and Eric) that we hosted. I currently teach high school Spanish and I sell Avon products. In my free time I like to scrapbook, crochet, watch Texas Rangers baseball, attend TWU athletics (especially basketball and soccer), do cross-stitch, work in the garden and chat and play games with friends online.

Baseball Video

This is just one of many great clips we have from the 2005 season of Outlaws Baseball. Thanks to Eriq for putting this one up on the site. (This is a 9 MB movie and will take a bit to load)

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