Mexico 2000
Constructores Para Cristo

On May 28, 2000 our group left First Presbyterian Church in Denton, TX. We spent one week in Piedras Negras, Mexico. During that time, our group built a house through CPC. The following are a few pictures.

Monday morning at 7:00 a.m. The foundation and first course are already prepared.

First the blocks have to be unstacked and put around the foundation.

Blocks are stacked making sure the corners are square and level.

Jesus helps mix the concrete for the corners.

The walls are sprayed with water and then the SBC is added to both the outside and inside.

The SBC is mixed in a large container at the front of the house.

Our break table had water and snacks and a nice place to set stuff.

Since there was no natural shade, the house walls were packed during break time.

The neighborhood kids came out for piggyback rides.

Here is Lee giving Alonzo a ride. Alonzo was with us every day.

Alan holds the back door before installing it into the wall.

The u-blocks are set on top of the windows and doors.

The roof is then lifted one piece at a time onto the house.

Lee and Jason bolt the roof to the house.

Rachel and Alan finish up the SBC around the roof.

Mom, Diego, Dad and Jesus at the help out at the worksite.

At the dedication ceremony a tree is planted in the front yard and the family waters it with water from the US and Mexico to symbolize the unity of the people that built the house.

Friday at 10:00, the house is dedicated, we are finished! To learn more, visit the CPC website.

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