Anna's Garden Page 2006

Here are the raised beds empty, they don't stay this way...

Here's what they look like in early spring...

More as it grows...


These are my "missed opportunity" pictures. The first area was beautiful when the purple, yellow and white iris were in bloom, here you see the white. Now the daylillies are coming out as the last iris fade away. The front door area was gorgeous when the pink hyacinth was mixed in amongst the bluebonnets.


The apple trees are blooming and the strawberries are turning.

I also added pecan and almond trees.


The oregano on 4/12 and then again on 5/4, yes, it's about doubled in size.

The lettuce going crazy in early spring...and late spring, after several windy storms.

Here's my first tomato and cilantro that is twice the size of the tomato plant. And finally...garlic.