Anna's Mystery & Reading Links



The Case Weekly Mystery The mystery lovers dream come true, new mysteries every week.
Stop, you're killing me - Complete lists of works by author, etc.
The Reader's Corner: Mystery, Romance and Fantasy The softer side of murder
Sherlockian Holmepage for all of you Sherlock Holmes fans
Cluelass page-mysteries, etc.

General Reading

Book Wire Can't decide what to read next? Check here.
The Unofficial Lillian Jackson Braun Home Page
The Saint
The Bloodstained Bookshelf-current list of mystery books with publication dates

Buying Books, etc.

Amazon The best place on-line to buy books, music, etc.
1Bookstreet Another great place to buy books, you can also try 1mystery
DealTime This great site will find the best place online to buy books, movies, etc.

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